RewardsPlus is a middleware, which provides a compelling way to attract new customers for both prepaid users and retail stores. It allows network operators, retail stores, merchants, and non-profit entity's to set up a wide variety of promotion, loyalty, tenure programs and reward bonuses/prizes to their subscribers, consumers based on usage, spending, and purchase patterns. RewardsPlus helps you to build competitive advantage at the same time as generating revenues and building customer loyalty.


• Provides an extensive range of promotional, tenure, loyalty & reward campaigns
• Give away bonuses based on a wide range of mobile subscriber activities – such as SMS, voice mail, voice call, MMS, WAP etc.
• Credit expiry management
• Comparison reports on promotion efficiency
• Configurable SMS messages to the subscribers
• Up-to-date subscriber event monitoring
• Compatibility with any existing telco IN system
• Web based administration
• Highly configurable and auditable

Revolutionize prepaid mobile reloading with i-PayRecharge

Informa Telecoms & Media says that prepaid subscriptions worldwide passed the 1.5 billion milestone at the beginning of July 2006, as mobile subscriptions worldwide approach the 2.5 billion mark.

Prepaid has been the major catalyst for increasing mobile penetration rates in recent years throughout the world and much of the growth has come from under-served market segments or the youth segment. i-PAYRECHARGE is the revolutionary solution for mobile topup or reload that enables telcos to address their lower income market segments as well as the geographically unreachable market segments.
This system makes possible cash-based airtime recharge under an “n”–level hierarchy and also facilitates subscribers with other topup channels such as ATM, POS, Web and WAP.

The key advantage of mRecharge is the flexibility to aggregate all distribution and dealer transactions under a single system that enables visible penetration deep into rural areas, offering affordable services to people. hSenid mRecharge makes small-value topups profitable and secure, opening up huge lower-income markets.

i-PAYRECHARGE built on The i-PayMobile™ System easily integrates with any bank/credit card network to carry out electronic prepaid reloads securely.



  •  Recharge any denomination
  • Reseller distribution hierarchy selling air-time down a chain



  • Recharge through retailer, subscriber self reload using bank account and subscriber to subscriber reload



  •  Management of commission with distribution channels



  •  Subscriber bonus feature on reload



  •  Web based and comprehensive admin module, customer care module and reseller self-service module



  •  Wide range of reports and logs



  •  Flexibility in customization and enhancements to specific feature requirements




i-PAYRECHARGE offers mobile reloads via multiple channels.
Cash-based air time recharge under an “n” level hierarchy proves to be the most appealing to people who are out of reach due to economical and geographical factors.

In cash-based air time recharge, the mobile operator sells large amounts of air-time to dealers who then sell to sub dealers and retailers.

When a subscriber approaches a retailer to reload a specific amount, the retailer enters the subscriber's i-PayMobile account and the retailer Transaction PIN and sends the request.

i-PayRecharge verifies the retailer source and securely connects with the Telco IN switch to authorize the payment and to credit the subscriber's prepaid account.
The successful completion of the transaction will be indicated to the subscriber and the retailer via SMS.

The retailer’s Telco wallet is debited with the requested reload amount. The subscriber pays the retailer via mobile to mobile transfer instantly.

Recharge through the i-PayMobile system is facilitated directly on your mobile wallet menu. Recharge amount will be debited from the subscriber’s mWallet bank account and will be credited to the telco account.

Furthermore, Web, J2ME and POS capabilities of i-PayRecharge will provide mobile subscribers an unmatched flexibility and convenience. Web and WAP are facilitated by secure sites that allow subscribers to buy air time via their Mobile Handset.

Bundle i-PayRecharge with your portfolio of products and services and ensure your subscribers stay connected always. While subscribers benefit from cutting-edge technology and value-added services, mobile operators gain a lucrative revenue and competitive edge in this intensely competitive environment.


  • Opening new distributional channels to capture expanding markets
  • Facilitate low to high value reload denominations
  • Attract and cater to all market segments including lower income markets 
  • Increase revenue by reducing operational costs, storage and distribution of scratch cards
  • Reduced fraud and control over distribution
  • Efficient and effective stock management system
  • Remain market competitive and innovative


  • Central control of distribution
  • Additional revenue stream
  • Opportunity to offer personalized and value added services


  • Convenient
  • Secure paperless transaction
  • Reduced theft and fraud