Financial Suite
i-PayMobile users will never be in financial exile again! Financial Suite allows mobile users to automate many tasks and execute secure transactions from any mobile device independent of time and location. Some of the transactions include bill payments, fund transfers, balance inquiries and live stock trading on stock exchange via SMS.
Banks will soon use i-PayMobile wireless technology to address several challenges in the mobile banking area such as multiple bank support, multi device support, security, location independence, and 24 hour service to its customers. Application can be directly downloaded and installed to a J2ME phone/Pocket PC/IVR and thereafter, the J2ME client connects to the i-PayMobile server to enable the mobile users to access information from their bank accounts and perform all banking transactions from any location at any time of the day. Responses or feedbacks from the banks will be simply delivered to users in the form of a SMS.

• International Remittance with built in currency conversion tables allows you to fund transfers between accounts, mobile to mobile, country to country
• Account balance inquiries
• Account statement requests
• Cheque book requests
• Cheque realization/status requests
• Mobile topup
• Balance change alerts
• Foreign exchange rate notification
• Balance inquiries on credit cards
• Utility bill payments

i-PayMobile  is a next generation choice in banking best designed for today’s busy lifestyles. Banks can now open personal branches in every customer’s mobile handset and allow bank customers to conveniently carryout secure banking transactions ranging from regular fund transfers, utility bill payments to mobile topups via SMS, WAP, J2ME, STK or IVR. With i-PayMobile we enable banks to accelerate roll-out of essential mobile financial services without jeopardizing the security and intuitiveness of the mobile interfaces


  • Supports  J2ME, SMS, IVR, STK and Windows Mobile



  • Supports multiple operators & banks



  • Facility to integrate with financial switches/hubs



  • Multi device capability


  • Banking while roaming


  • Extensive Bank Management Module
  • Administrator’s module
  • Provisioning Module
  • Report module
  • Real time alerts
    Alerts sent to customer based on customer defined criteria
    - Significant balance change alerts
    - Bill payment alerts
    - Credit/Debit alerts
  • Batch alerts
    - Alerts sent to customer periodically
  • Push/pull transactions
    - Bank initiated bill payment / credit card payment
  • End User Features include
    - Fund transfers between own accounts and from your account to other accounts
  • Bank account & credit card balance inquiries
    - Account statement requests
  • Cheque book requests
    - Cheque realization/status requests
    - Cheque realization cancellation
    - Mini statement
    - Bill payments
    - Credit card payments
  • TopUp mobile phones
  • Utility bills & credit card payments
  • Foreign exchange


Once bank customers are registered to the new service all banking information stored at the banking server can be accessed by any mobile device, via a service provider.

Java(J2ME), Blackberry and Windows Mobile handset users must download and install The i-PayMobile application to their handheld devices and thereafter establish a connection to the i-PayMobile server to access information from their bank accounts. Responses or feedbacks from the bank will simply be delivered to all J2ME, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile users in the form of a SMS or as a response to the J2ME, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile user request. All alerts will be sent to the account holders via SMS. i-PayMobile via our military grade 256 Bit Encrpytion on all Java/J2ME, Blackberry, and Windows devices provides enhanced data security with end-to-end encryption from phone to the i-PayMobile & banking server's.


  • Easy integration into any existing banking system
  • New channel to reach customers
  • Competitive edge
  • Decrease in customer service cost
  • Reinforces bank’s position as an innovator


  • Growth in network traffic
  • Increase in revenue
  • Efficient method of communication
  • Customer oriented
  • New marketing strategies based on customer database



  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Instant & up-to-date information
  • No delays
  • Enhanced security
  • No queues